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Ultra High Quality 15W Rechargeable Floodlight
Flexible Li-Ion LED Rechargeable Floodlight

OMNI Innovations provides businesses, be you a SME’s or larger organisation, with simple access, an easy link, to premium, bespoke, trusted and high-quality manufacturers throughout Asia and beyond. Be you a retailer, a wholesaler or distributor, OMNI Innovations can add value, help drive incremental revenues and support your business growth.

We are an efficient and effective one-stop, low cost, simple solution for sourcing new quality products and/or brands, whilst at the same time giving leading manufacturers a route to markets worldwide.

OMNI Innovations extensive international “under contract” manufacturing connections, years of customer focussed experience, personal service and absolute commitment on operating efficiencies and manufacturing quality will enable your business to both create a wider brand and product offering, while maximising your sales revenues and margins.

We continue to be very active within the lighting sector as the creator and owner of the growing and ever evolving FLOOD-IT® brand, a unique and internationally successful range of LIB battery powered LED work lights. Over the past year we have introduced and achieved much success with the OMNI® brand of lighting products that merges cutting edge technology with innovative modern designs. We supply lighting products to Home Depot and other large US retail multiples.

In addition, revenues continue to grow from a fast-expanding portfolio of products within the household, professional tool, leisure, apparel and beauty sectors. Contact us for more details

Quite simply, OMNI Innovations provides a complete solution to distribution, sourcing, buying, branding and delivering products from factory floor to shop floor.

Well-funded, the internationally experienced leadership team with their long history of successful business start-ups are utterly committed to continuing the exponential revenue and profit growth of OMNI Innovations through a bespoke customer focussed premium service.

Mark Patton, Non-Executive Chairman and Co-Founder, January 2020