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Ultra High Quality 15W Rechargeable Floodlight
Flexible Li-Ion LED Rechargeable Floodlight

OMNI Innovations provides businesses, be you a SME’s or larger organisation, with simple access, an easy link, to premium, bespoke, trusted and high-quality manufacturers throughout Asia and beyond. Be you a retailer, a wholesaler or distributor, OMNI Innovations can add value, help drive incremental revenues and support your business growth.

We are an efficient and effective one-stop, low cost, simple solution for sourcing new quality products and/or brands, whilst at the same time giving leading manufacturers a route to markets worldwide.

OMNI Innovations extensive international “under contract” manufacturing connections, years of customer focussed experience, personal service and absolute commitment on operating efficiencies and manufacturing quality will enable your business to both create a wider brand and product offering, while maximising your sales revenues and margins.

We continue to be very active within the lighting sector as the creator and owner of the growing and ever evolving FLOOD-IT® brand, a unique and internationally successful range of LIB battery powered LED work lights. Over the past year we have introduced and achieved much success with the OMNI® brand of lighting products that merges cutting edge technology with innovative modern designs. We supply lighting products to Home Depot and other large US retail multiples.

In addition, revenues continue to grow from a fast-expanding portfolio of products within the household, professional tool, leisure, apparel and beauty sectors. Contact us for more details

Quite simply, OMNI Innovations provides a complete solution to distribution, sourcing, buying, branding and delivering products from factory floor to shop floor.

Well-funded, the internationally experienced leadership team with their long history of successful business start-ups are utterly committed to continuing the exponential revenue and profit growth of OMNI Innovations through a bespoke customer focussed premium service.

Mark Patton, Non-Executive Chairman and Co-Founder, January 2020

Mark Patton

Mark is an accomplished business leader with a wealth of experience across multiple business sectors and international markets. In the early 1990’s he worked for Blockbuster Entertainment as VP UK. In 1993, he relocated to the USA as International President of H20 plus, managing annual revenues of up to $100m and leading in excess of 1000 employees. He has tremendous experience with several start-up organizations. In 2006 as COO, he steered You Me TV Plc. from start-up to acquisition by BSkyB a publicly quoted FTSE 250 UK Plc. He was a co-founder of the eKonomical Holding Group of Companies. Most recently he continues as Non-Executive Director of RTRWorldwide a company he helped found, the sole distributor of the Russian State TV and Radio archive. His Pro bono work includes being a Chairman of a UK based Homeless Charity, Safe Haven London. He additionally travels on a regular basis to various parts of the Russia Federation, Central Asia and the USA to lecture on Leadership, Business and Management.

Stephen Dandy

Co-Founder and Managing Director of Omni Innovations, Stephen is a strong innovator with a passion for embracing emerging technologies and utilising them to create success within traditional sectors. He has a 30 year track record of successfully identifying need, supply and sales in markets as diverse as express courier services to “big ticket” luxury goods.

As Co-founder of eKonomical Holding Group of Companies, Stephen and the team originally conceived the FLOOD-IT® brand, an internationally successful range of battery powered LED work lights. FLOOD-IT were the forerunners of similar products prevalent in that marketplace today. During this time, under Stephen’s direction, other lighting brands including Omni, Go, Luminek and Apollo were also conceived and brought successfully to market. Another notable illustration includes his involvement as Commercial Director in the creation through to acquisition of one of the very first online directories of professional tradesmen during the early days of the worldwide web.

Recently Inspired by global events of 2020, Stephen proposed to the team the launch of Procurace, a new trading brand to enhance the already successful OMNI Innovations business. Offering a range of innovative services to help business in Europe, North America and the Far East to mitigate the difficulties now present in the supply and sales of product across the globe.

Walter Zettwoch

An industrious visionary with a passion for small business building, Walter has a proven reputation for effectively launching and growing ventures across various commercial sectors. As VP of eKonomical Inc. he launched the international powerhouse brand of FLOOD-IT® LED work lights in North America, driving sales revenues into the millions in the first two years. Previously he co-founded What I Want What I Need, an online women’s clothing boutique, which was acquired by a private organization in 2014. Earlier in his career he played a pivotal strategic role in the launching of the original W-New York hotel in Manhattan; the premier Sushi Samba restaurant in Miami Beach, and ReChannel Communications, which was acquired by eNeighborhoods in 2004. Walter has successfully envisioned, developed, and facilitated projects for the NFL, the American Cancer Society, Tiffany & Co, NASCAR, MTV, and the DNC amongst others. Most recently he has built another prosperous start-up, Pipe Supply, which is disrupting the HVAC landscape with the introduction of a revolutionary new product, Yoga Pipe.